Digital Australia: State of the Nation The 2017 edition

The better the question. The better the answer. The better the world works.

Report at a glance

The third edition of Digital Australia: State of the Nation features the results of our market-leading research on how Australia shapes up as a digital nation. The study shines a spotlight on Australians’ digital consumption and behaviours, as well as their attitudes and experiences in the digital age. This latest report is the first stop for informing and optimising your digital strategy now and in the future.


The program provides a 360 degree of the digital world by capturing perspectives from a variety of contexts and demographics. This study employed quantitative research methods to identify the factors that drive digital engagement, and augments these factors with qualitative research to uncover the attitudes that underpin these metrics.

  • Au Customer

    An online survey of over 1,500 Australian consumers

  • Digital Leaders

    An online survey of over 130 digital opinion leaders in Australian organisations

  • interview

    A series of in-depth interviews with digital opinion leaders

  • research

    Broad desk research supplemented with insights from EY subject matter professionals

“Time is running out. Digital disruption is appearing everywhere in every market. For companies that haven’t already got a robust strategy to leverage digital in their business to better serve their customers, it’s getting very late.” – Jenny Young, EY Oceania Technology, Media & Entertainment and Telecommunications; and Customer Leader

Sector insights

Automotive & Transportation

Jacob Gossan

Consumer and Industrial Products

Kurt Solarte

Financial Services

Gary McInnes

Government & Public Sector

Joana Valente

Power & Utilities

Stuart Hartley

Technology, Media & Entertainment and Telecommunications (TMT)

David McGregor

“Leaders now have confidence they can disrupt their own organisations. But they don’t always know what that looks like. In our innovation design centres, we showcase the art of the possible, so executives can see the future. You need to know where you’re going before you can decide how best to get there.” - Bill Farrell, EY Oceania Advisory Partner


EY team of digital consultants provide leading-class business transformations globally and locally. Our digital capability is embedded across all of our services supporting a whole-of-business approach. Our data-driven insights along with our global experience and networks enable us to provide results in digital business transformation.

EY can help unlock the full potential of digital by making it provide commercial value through a whole-of-business approach to strategy and practical implementation support.

Digital at EY is about more than technology, it is the levers that businesses can use to drive business transformation, elevate customer experience and engagement and identify demand for and test new products and services.

Understanding the intersection of business, risk and digital is fundamental to EY digital experience and capability.

EY digital service includes:

  • Business and IT Strategy, business model
  • Branded Customer Experience design and channel strategy
  • Customer Experience and Engagement
  • Customer Insight - customer analytics, customer data management
  • Personalisation and real time marketing
  • Multi-channel change management
  • Governance, risk and compliance management of digital channels
  • Security and Risk

Digital readiness assessment

EY Digital Readiness Assessment is an online, interactive, assessment and standardizing tool that helps you to standardize your organisation’s digital maturity across seven focus areas:

  • Strategy, innovation and growth
  • Customer experience
  • Supply chain and operations
  • Technology
  • Risk and cyber security
  • Finance, legal and tax
  • People and organisation

The data you’ll get on your organisation’s performance across each area will reveal your current ability to navigate the digital world, and provide ideas for adjusting your business strategy to reduce the risk of digital disconnection and seize opportunities with your digital investment.

“Transformation projects often used to take two years. With RPA, we can transform a finance process in several weeks – and it works every time. It’s creating a strong belief in disruption and giving organisations real options to accelerate benefit delivery alongside other process optimisation initiatives” – Bill Farrell, EY Oceania Advisory Partner

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Lynn Kraus

EY Oceania Managing Partner – Advisory

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EY Oceania Advisory Partner

Jenny Young

EY Oceania Technology, Media & Entertainment and Telecommunications; and Customer Leader

Marc L’Huillier

EY Oceania EY Sweeney Managing Partner

Richard Watson

EY Oceania Cyber Leader

Jennie McLaughlin

EY Oceania Customer & Strategy Partner

Andy Gillard

EY APAC Financial Services Digital Operations Leader

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EY Oceania People Advisory Services Leader

Stuart Hartley

EY Asia-Pacific Energy and Power & Utilities Advisory Leader

David McGregor

EY Oceania Technology, Media & Entertainment and Telecommunications Partner

Joana Valente

EY Oceania Digital Government Leader

Kurt Solarte

EY Oceania Digital & Emerging Tech Leader

Jacob Gossan

EY Oceania Automotive & Transport Leader

Gary McInnes

EY Oceania Customer Leader for Financial Services